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O-T Lounge / The Girl In My House
« Last post by Taaka on August 09, 2019, 12:12:46 pm »
On a late summer evening, the strangest thing happened to me, while lying on my bed looking at the ceiling fan spin. The long blades sliced through the silent air, pushing a cool breeze toward me. The light outside faded until there was nothing left but the spinning fan, faint whispers and the girl standing in my doorway.

She stood there with her arms limply by her side. Her hair is frizzled, wild and unbecoming. I lifted my head and squinted to see her face and she cocked her head to the side. Was she puzzled or curious?, I thought. A door slammed downstairs, just distant enough to be heard as a small thud. I turned my head toward the sound and so did the little girl.

An awkward silence, as thick as a cloudy miasma, made time stand still. I looked back at the girl and she looked back at me. I could hear feet clomping up the stairs and so could she. We gazed upon each other until the voice of a woman brushed against the hallway and softly pushed the drapes on my windows. She called the little girl's name. It sounded like a melody riding on still air.

The little girl turned her head toward the hallway, knowing someone is coming for her. She turned her unruly head back toward me and huffed. After air-clawing in my direction, she backed into the darkness behind her.
I reached over and felt the switch on the bedside lamp. I twisted the thin switch until it clicked twice and light filled the room.

At the moment the light lit the room, my eyes attempted to adjust to the change but I'm afraid it was not quick enough.

With the same intensity of a car horn honking, a woman screamed next to me. Before I could look, the little girl tugged my pajama top saying, 'My mom wants to know if you are staying for dinner.'

I hope you got a few chills from the story. None of it happened, on this version of earth.
O-T Lounge / Re: Might be Fun Sometime...
« Last post by Taaka on August 09, 2019, 11:39:04 am »
Before I came across this post, I named my Sentinel 'Wiz of Oz'.
(Anything to get the enemy to pause and tilt the head sideways is a good name)

O-T Lounge / Re: ihackas Bedtime Stories
« Last post by tell on June 28, 2019, 03:19:01 pm »
I took the bonus and was happy.  Card went back in the drawer for another year or more. 
O-T Lounge / Re: ihackas Bedtime Stories
« Last post by ihacka on June 28, 2019, 02:26:46 pm »
Did you take the graphics card back out and take it home?  $1k bonus sounds light for rocket surgery (or is it rocketopsy?).

Reminds me of working in a hotel and having a budget for small wares...only place I ever worked in where we didn't run out of pans, cambers, or lexans...
O-T Lounge / Re: ihackas Bedtime Stories
« Last post by tell on June 28, 2019, 08:06:15 am »
Oooo  cool.  I'm old and have years of stories.
NASA story
I was contract network admin for a NASA project. The GOV type in charge of me was the pointy hair boss in Dilbert cartoon(read as clueless jerk).  We(me) had to propose puter things for each year's budget.  Under his plan, we changed from a 2 week turn around, from request, to paperwork out to procurement, to 257 days for a trackball one of the engineers wanted.  So, planning for budget input, I started a wish list.  Knowing this dimwit would lop off various items, I padded the list with cool goodies.  One was a video capture video card.($1700) knowing he would make us throw out some items, to make himself look tough.  This was a long time ago.
He was out of office for several days, and his tasks were covered by another Gov type.  Who hated him.  He came to me and asked if we needed anything.  I said we had a wish list we were just throwing goodies into.  He "understood", and asked for the whole unedited list.  Guess who got a vid card that we had no use for?  It went into a drawer for months.  Until there was a rocket launch failure.  Several recordings of the flight were available from ground and chase plane cameras.  But it was going to take days for their professional analysis.  This drove our engineers nuts.  What happened? Speculate  Speculate.
I got the recordings and loaded the vid card.  Using free image enhancing software I got from the NIH, I made a slide show of the break up of the rocket. Clearly showing two distinct exhaust plumes, not the one plume the engineers expected.  Passed it on in a colorful slideshow.   Engineers were delighted.  So much so, that they praised my contract bosses.  Who praised me with a $1,000 bonus and award.
Karma isn't always bad.  B-)
O-T Lounge / Re: Welcome to the new Paradox Guild Forums
« Last post by ihacka on June 28, 2019, 12:20:23 am »
Hidden ones...

SB killed Super Mario Brothers 3...
O-T Lounge / ihackas Bedtime Stories
« Last post by ihacka on June 27, 2019, 11:11:49 pm »
Didn't want to lie and we're getting more forum traffic...

We all know I'm an **** and bad at typing and don't really want to write a - only time I've ever been fired (more stories from this job, too...):

I used to work at a restaurant with many managers who shouldn't have been in their positions (poor foresight, poor oversight, poor emotional management...literally couldn't manage...).  I'd hurt a couple people's feelings during a management meeting (I'm the sous chef; IDGAF about what color the frilly **** on the table is...) when, after roughly 40 minutes of conversation, I said: "Is there literally anything relevant to my position that requires me here?  I don't care about **** flowers."   I got up and left because we had continuous service and it was a VERY high volume "fine" dining restaurant.

Couple weeks later, my Chef had given his notice and offered me another sous chef job; I had a conversation with the owner and told him I'd be giving my notice.  Couple days later, a retarded amount of events had been scheduled for a Sunday (my Chef refused to work Sunday, as did most of the cooks [some had second jobs but I know what they were really doing]).  I showed up to open for brunch, push that out (always a struggle with one cook) and am informed the PM dishwasher has called in.  I have literally zero say about how events are sold, scheduled, organized, accounted for...anything.  I'd also made up my mind to leave at this point, so I basically told the cook: "IDGAF, not my problem..."  They scheduled three events at the same time with no prior notice and no one scheduled to work (I did the schedule and was clutching at straws trying to get people to work).

Show up to work the next day, and here's the convo between him, my Chef, and myself:

Owner: I got an e-mail that you were mean to [redacted] and [redacted]
Me: Its not my responsibility to schedule for unplanned events or compensate for them if they overextend themselves.
Owner: I know you're giving me your notice but I'd prefer if you leave now.
Me: OK
Owner leaves office.
Chef: Do you have any questions?
Me: Do I leave now or do I have to finish my shift?
Chef: I don't know...I've never been fired before...I think you leave now... guess I'm off for that Black Flag show, still going?
Chef: **** yeah...I'll send you a text.

Not my best story but I thought it'd be easy to wasn't...

Also, don't judge me.
O-T Lounge / Re: Welcome to the new Paradox Guild Forums
« Last post by G TB on June 27, 2019, 02:52:31 am »
Am I seeing all the boards right now, or are their hidden ones for members?

Belgian/Gunther/Bombardment here.
O-T Lounge / Re: Welcome to the new Paradox Guild Forums
« Last post by tell on June 26, 2019, 11:49:51 pm »
I think SB was supposed to be the Sengoku Jidai killer, which loaded off a tape deck to TI-99 4/A.  16 bit processor.  Oh, the power.  Even with sprites.
SB was slightly better.  Loved that game.
O-T Lounge / Re: Might be Fun Sometime...
« Last post by tell on June 26, 2019, 11:36:45 am »
2 Scouts of ours with pin down would have to be primary and secondary target callers.
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